mardi 21 mai 2019

Sylvanian - useful accessories

Sainsbury shop boxes

Post Office poster

Some shop signs, awning, box for the doughnut stand, and pictures from what I believe was the flower shop - to be printed A4 size

I'm also including this, it's an old lundby (or so) house roof, I thought it could be great to repare those classic little Sylvanian shops (like the florist, post office etc)
Hope it can help someone, because I know how frustrating it is to get a set that is not complete, when many people have it, and you don't get much help to complete it...
I've made my own stamp booklet for my post office using a blurry picture... LOL

Bois Joli has a post office !

Still wondering if Bois Joli citizens are going to actually use it, because the building is at the top of a shelf...huh....hill let's say, but the post office is finally opened !

Everything is ready !
The parcels and envelops keep coming, stamps were delivered, including some collectibles, the flower shop offered a bouquet...

*this is a behind the scene picture, to show that I was a little bit too much enthusiast with printing envelops...LOL. I've also printed 2 old advertisings, tiny stamps, changed the colour of the "remember to use" poster for it's matching the dull colours of my building, and at the bottom you can even see how I make my parcels for they are quite "sturdy", putting a cube of very dense foam inside, insulating type, not craft one as we don't have it here*

there is just a problem....

Peter Petite, the village postman is ready to collect the mail and deliver it on his bicycle all around the village and suburb.... but...
There is nobody to take the office in charge.
I've been told this role was for Samuel Stamp, but alas up to now we can't find him...
We also need a scale to weight the parcels...
Well, ok, the PO is opened but... not totally efficient LOL

mercredi 15 mai 2019

Guess who was a bad girl ?

I finally received my parcels, it took "some" time as long as one was sent nobody-knows-where.
I now have my furniture for my little post office, so I hope I can find some time to finish it soon. I only miss a shop scale ! I'll probably try to make one using fimo...

I also got my tiny Sainsbury shop, it's so cute ! Very small tho, I understand why some people were disappointed, but I like that it's taking no space...

isn't this little bear adorable ? He still has the sticker under his foot
(don't forget my camera is partly dead, there is no stain or missing flocking)

look how small it is !

And then, I also bought something else. Yep....
NOT something I should have done but.... 5£ and no other bidding...

I placed a bid, and got it for the starting price... LOL
You know I love stairways, and bridges and all those funny parts/additions to buildings
I already have a school with the library in the tree but....
Ok, now I can think about what part of the school I can place in it, probably a tiny theater, or a canteen ... depending on what I can find...
Just having it AGAIN is quite nice, isn't it ?!

vendredi 3 mai 2019

And what about a new tiny shop ?!

Not only I did it again, but... I did it again-again... Haha

Ahum... HOW on earth can someone resist this cute little bear with his itty bitty Sainsbury shop ? Many people I guess. Including me. But the kind seller, very reasonable shipping cost, and the only bid at 0.99 convinced me to give it a try. Let's put a 3.71 maxi bid.... And I won it. I'm a bad girl, but any good news is a treasure to cherish in my stupid life. Let's enjoy (and push some walls because I really don't know where I could display it, as small as it it LOL.

*would have you been able to resist this cute set ?*

jeudi 2 mai 2019

Did it again... another Sylvanian parcel coming home !

Ok. It was NOT something planned but... I already missed 3 times (THREE) a set of furniture on ebay, because I totally forgot the end of the auction (!) and I was really mad at myself for this. Those sets always had the 2 same furniture I wanted for my post office : a kind of cupboard and a desk. I even forgot the auction of 2 desks with a cashier on, that sold for very few...

I must say I was about to forget this set too, when I suddenly remember that...hey...isn't it today ? It was. Only 3 minutes left... And of course it's the perfect timing because my computer was doing an update, for the 50th time this month....grrr... I had to retype all my passwords and such, and was very upset, believing I'll be late AGAIN.

I came just in time to put my bid of 3.02£, it was like 10 seconds before the end. I couldn't bid more because of the high shipping cost (ouch), and there was already a 0.99 bid. I was sure it wouldn't be enough... but I got it. Yooohoooo

So, not only I'll have furniture for my post office but I'll also have a cute forest table, to put in my caravans area. I'm so happy !!

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