samedi 8 décembre 2018

Action / Noz tiny haul (crafts related)

I didn't get much things lately, money is too tight, and I don't find really interesting things that sound new or useful to me. It's like if knitting has taken over all the other crafts here :-( 
But I found some little treasures at Noz and Action

cute stamp and dies from Action, I always loved hot air balloons !
I'm not sure I'll use the dies, just the stamp is yet interesting 
can't remember the price for those who'd like to go and check, but it's less than 2€

From Noz I got this

this is a set of 2... borders ? They are sturdy, like made from cardboard and a thin foam makes the brown one "dimensional" too. Cutting them in 2 in the lenght (they are very long as you can see)  I could make nice roof tops for my handmade houses. And the price was ridiculous so... 

From Noz again, dies

what a nice set ! Couldn't resist ! I always wanted to get a branch or bush die, never found one that was that detailed *happy dancing*

and for the same price, I got this one too. I just LOVE it, it's a set of stamps and dies, to make cute tiny dimensional tree and house. As soon as I can find a replacement for my "thin dies pad" for my old Big Shot, I'm going to give it a try before anything else *major excitement*
I don't like much thin dies, I always prefered the big ones, that could cut thought whatever you used. But I don't find those anymore. In fact, I find really few things now... Our 2 craft shops closed, they were yet 35 and 45mn from home driving, now there's only a Cultura who carries nothing, it's expensive, things don't match, etc... and they are always short on everything. The shops closed not because of the concurency of Cultura, as they pretend, but because they treated their customers so badly that they stopped buying... Sad...

Let's go back to my finds : tiny beads from Noz for my Sylvanian Christmas market : not only they sparkle a lot, but they also already have the little hoop on top (and bottom, I'll cut one)

I planned to get a couple of pastels to help colorate my liquid fimo I found back behind a bunch of other silly things, thinking a couple of colours would match my needs. I can also use it to put some shades on tiny cakes, etc... But it was really expensive, like 2.50€ per stick. OUCH. I found this whole box at Action for 2.45€.... LOL... ok, this is perfect ! :-D

and from Noz again, I bought this set of MDF tiny "houses", they are very small and supposely made for scrapbooking, but I also use them to frame cross stitch and... make Sylvanian stalls LOL. This set is made of 2 houses, one being smaller than the other... you'll see soon how I used this set heehee
It was sold months ago, and they sold immediately... so I don't know how this set got lost, probably because the shop is in such an incredible mess that you hardly find things in the racks, everything is melted, like if you dropped garbage and shovel it silly... be it food, make-up, toys, books, it all ends in a maelström of destroyed things....(I'll try to take a pic with my old phone someday, to make you laugh/frighten you)
Lucky me found this little treasure under a dozen of half eaten packages of cookies, an open nail varnish and a broken bottle of awful perfume (yuck), and a bunch of destroyed Xmas decorations. I have my technic (that I developed after cutting my hand badly on a knive lost in the middle of books months ago) : as soon as I get in the shop, I'm taking in the first racks whatever that looks like a stick, a long spoon, a curtain rod, someday I even grabbed a toilet brush LOL and use it to stir in the racks like if it was a witch soup LOL

My technic sounds like interesting as some people are usully following me, to see what I can make emerge from the trays heehee

Swing low, sweet chariot & Christmas market (Sylvanian)

When François told me what my Christmas gift is going to be, I was sooo happy because I've been wanting this one for ages. He spent quite a lot (let's say it : too much) but he wanted one that has a chance to come home before the end of the year...

When he told me, I had this song in mind LOL
"Swing low, sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home"
Sounds like I'm the queen of "WHO else in the world remember those very old songs ?!"

As he thought it was not really enough, he also bought from a girl in France a set of 3 badgers + one damaged, it was a kind of "set of spare characters" so there is another used family but I can't tell which one (he probably didn't understand it as well). He knows I love badgers. And skunk. And any animal people usually don't care for LOL. Skunks were too expensive, so... let's go for a bunch of badgers !

So, here is what I am supposed to get *excited, excited*
I know there is no chair/table, no horse, but it's not bad, right ? I can put back a roof on the tree house, it's going to be easy. I wish I could sell a couple of things to get my hands on some cute items I saw on various websites, but for now I have to save for the house emergency rehabilitation, it's taking all my time, money, and energy... grrrr

Well, now let's speak about the Christmas market.
I found back my led garlands, so I could put light in my little stalls. Stalls and lights are from Action, the "cheap" (they tend to increase their price) shop I always talk about.
If only I could find back some other things I saved JUST to decorate this market, it would be great... Sometimes I wonder if there is a tiny elf playing with my nerves, hidding things all the time
those will be the 2 main stalls, one with all the little gifts you can find on a Christmas market (except here, where they now sell only plastic things you can find everywhere else...huh), and the other ones will be cakes, sweets, etc. There will be a hot cocoa corner too... and a surprise silly other "booth"

this is the battery operated light I'm using, a led ribbon, a little bit over  a yard long (1m)
As you see on the 1rst pictures, it sounds like the shops get enough light to look nice, but in fact NO. It's just because I am using a flash. See the next picture

Quite dark isn't it ?
Now with the lights, it's really better !

Do not panic, it's not going to "burn" LOL, it's just because I didn't use the flash, with it it's going to be perfect. It's Christmas, it has to sparkle LOL
I also found a cute tiny tree, with lights (!) to complete the scenery.
Now I'm trying to find a way to create a skating idea yet I'm afraid

mercredi 5 décembre 2018

The last cards

New family : the DeBurg (Sylvanian)

Everybody told me they are ugly, and it's true that they look a little bit like those old road milestones...

Then the name puzzled me a little bit, I first thought it was De Burgh... and it reminded me this 80's singer...Do you remember him ? Or am I the only one ?? He was mostly known here for his "lady in red" but I didn't care much for it, I prefered this one, that had no success in my country

I wondered why they gave his name to a family... before realizing it's DeBurg. Ahhhhh... LOL
So, I decided to give them a try, and bought a set on ebay. I was incredibly surprised when they came. The seller said "not in perfect condition, missing accessories". Usually when they say "good shape" you end with something missing flocking, dirty like after playing in the mud, so I was a bit afraid.
I jumped for joy discovering those cuuuute pinguins, perfect condition, maybe the mother's necklace is a bit wild but... they even have their sticker under the feet !
And guess what ? With their weird look, I must confess that I like them. A lot. I just wish I could also get the babies, that look so fluffy... but... not for my budget *crying*
So, the DeBurg just came to my village and sound pretty happy to discover they will have a "frozen" corner to live in !
Now, the silly part of the story : I'd love to add some other penguins to my colony....

mardi 4 décembre 2018

About modeling

Just a quick message to talk about modeling pastes.
I'm no more into Fimo or other polymere clays. In fact, I prefer (really really really) resin. Alas I have to import it, and it's costing me too much, my budget can't match. So, I guess I'll stick to nasty clay, but it's not my choice... If you want an advice before starting here we go

so, from left to right, you have :
- fimo effect, and "modelyne". I don't like those much, really... Just like regular fimo
- fimo soft is a bit better, you don't break your fingers on it
- regular sculpey is almost fine
- and if I have the choice, Premo sculpey is my fav

on a different level, those very cheap sets by Action are as good as the expensive other choices... just it's pretty hard to get some. If I have to stick to polymere, that's what I'll go for !

about making molds, everybody sounds like loving Oyumaru.... I hate it. HATE.
If someone wants my leftovers, they are yours, just wave the hand !
I'm not much a "mold" girl, but if I have to make one, I go for
easy, strong, efficient...
But quite expensive...

Now let's speak about those that don't need the use of the oven

plumo is my fav, but it's pretty hard to get some AND it's quite expensive AND it dries very quickly in the packet
Almost the same, but harder to get, and drying even more quickly is angel clay.
I had the chance to find big buckets of it for almost nothing at Noz months ago

easier to find : WePam

dries less, you can keep an open package for quite a long time
You have to mix it much because if you don't, your paste will not be smooth, and you have the high risk to see your miniature cracking while drying

I suggest you get some plastic tool, a glass rod to flaten the paste, and some cutters. Those are way too big for 1/12eme size, but I love the cutters, they are really sharp, and the tools are nice to use

If you want to buy molds, there are way too many on the market. From the very cheap hard plastic ones you see on the left, to padico and such flexible ones.
If you want my advice, they can help, but it's not giving great results. Go for a siligum one if you can, and good tiny cutters

this is what angel clay and other light clays look like (no flash to show the "creamy" style)
I'm not talking about resins, you have a bunch of tutorials on youtube and such, and they are so hard to get/expensive that I believe few would want to put that much money and effort to get this material. In case of need, I can talk about those too, just ask

lundi 3 décembre 2018

A bunch of miniatures - Sylvanian related

As I entered the Xmas card exchange, I thought it would be... well... you know, sending just a card is... "just a card"... so I decided to create miniatures, and dropped them in my envelops. I even added a couple of ornaments, not much because the shipping cost is really crazy...
Here we go for a bunch of pictures !

everything is hand made, including bags, labels, etc

I'll have to work again, to make some for my xmas village stalls...
But for now I'll have some rest, I suffer silly, and I've but my hand...

lundi 26 novembre 2018

New family and winter corner (Sylvanian)

Why koalas ? Why not ! Same story : cheap, kind seller, perfect for me !
They are really cute !
So, as I previously said, I was planning to install a tiny Xmas corner for my Sylvanian village. But the space dedicated was way too small for what I planned. Ok, let's move some shelves, move all the Maple Town to the lower level, and tada, I have the perfect space for my winter corner.

First of all, I installed a snowy ground (to be modified), and then a ... cable car service. I found this toy, not complete, in my ex husband stash. With the silly price it costed, I thought hey, it's time to give it a use. 
Some trees I bought from Action shop, 2 stalls that need to be decorated (Action kits, too)

Well... lots of work needed but I'm quite happy with the displaying. 
I only have 2 ice skaters, so I'm planning to make a skating ring, I'm thinking about hot cocoa, gingerbreads...I need to find several things like a sleigh, skis, maybe that will be for the next year, it's too expensive and if I look at non-sylvanian things they are too big, too "cheap"... rhaaaa....
Well, I can do with a partly done display !
Now let's see what I can dowith what I have before Xmas