samedi 10 août 2019

New family.... maybe families ! (Sylvanian)

You maybe guessed it, I got one of the families I really like... 
the alpacas !
I'm just a little bit sad they no more offer 2 kids families, and if they wanted to enclose a baby, they could have offer a standing one (I'm really not fond of crawling or sitting babies)

They are SO cute !
They could have give them a more "south american" look, maybe someday -if I understand how to do it- I'll knit or sew them a peruvian bonnet :-)

Then I found this cuttie on ebay, I'm not totally sure I'll get it, the seller sounds a little bit...mmm... weird... but let's give it a try !

and finally you know there are a couple of families I wanted to get but gave up because the price is just silly. I don't mind if a character is not perfect, if it's missing clothes, etc.
That's how I found this set of frogs. Well... maybe a little bit over the price I wanted to put (the frogs price is more than reasonable, the shipping is making it the double, argghhhhhhhh), maybe they are not in a very good shape (pictures are not very good), but.... I offered 3£ under the "buy it now price" and the seller accepted my offer. Well... let's wait and see ! What I like the most is that there are 2 kids, and 4 adults, this way I can make "fake" grand parents :-)
I wonder if they produced baby frogs ?

*happy dancing*

What I've been up to

Hello :-) 

Maybe you wondered where the big me have disappear. Well, nowhere at all, I've been ill, much, and I've put all my efforts into finishing (almost) the lower balcony. 
Here is a quick overview of what has been done

at the very beginning, when I discovered my ex piled-up here a bunch of my memories/things, mostly destroyed by the rain and such... A lot of things, and trash too...
I had to clear all the rubbles, what wasn't easy, the recycling center is 5km from home only, but without a car.... ouch

when it was empty, I discovered the walls were falling apart, and were made of whatever they had avalaible like concrete, rocks, wood, bricks, etc

this wall has no window, but is made of 2 weak walls with a space between...and the ouside one was not even finished. The roughcast (??) was falling into pieces

metal here and there, holes, big enough for I loose a arm inside...

I started thinking that all I can do is "blocking" the troubles

François helped me placing big heavy rocks there, rocks that I found on my yard. It's all I could use, no money to get something else

It was better but...I finally repaired all the walls, coated them with a heavy roughcast (concrete type), and painted it

I planned to stop there, because I was exausted, but as I had leftover tiles from the other balcony (my ex always said there was more than enough for the 2), I decided to settle them, because they were taking a lot of space inside. That's how I discovered there was not enough of those. I can't buy new ones, I can't buy some of the same kind (no more produced)... I first thought about creating a motive in the middle, with something else, or buy a smaller one to make a kind of frame all around. But nothing was in my budget (I don't know for other countries, but here everything is expensive, and if you don't live near one of the 10 biggest towns, you find absolutely nothing when you need it). I decided to put all the tiles in the middle, letting a large space all around. That's how I discovered the tiles are not all the exact same size, some are distort, etc. Nothing could stop me. I did it.

see the huge gap on the sides !
Then I filled all the spaces with sealing, making a lage one all around.
I didn't care anymore, I was too tired and ill to fight with my obsession to do things well
Weights here and there, and that's it !

almost finished, only the door and window to repair

I finished at night, but I'm so happy it's done. It's been my project for this year, I now try to work on the other balcony. I was supposed to find a solution for the shutters falling apart, for the stairway outside and inside, repair the plumbing and power troubles... but I have no leftover energy or money.
Let's say it's just one thing almost done, but it's yet ONE from the huge list done !

mardi 16 juillet 2019

I heard a rumour

I've been quite busy this month, and ill too. I've spend a lot of time doing some big home repairing, I tried to save what I could in my garden (the heat wave destroyed so many things everywhere, I don't want all my garden to die so it's a lot of job), and most of all I've been cleaning my creative stash. I mean one of those major clear out. I'll be selling this on LBC and my sales blog but....
I've heard a rumour.... There is a lot of bustle in my Sylvanian village "Bois Joli"... I've been told there could be a new family coming...I bet some already understood which family it is, as long as I said "I want it I want it" at the first second the set was on the market....hehe... Stay tuned :-D

lundi 15 juillet 2019

Wish list / looking for - last update - july 2019

I'm not hardly-deeply-desperately looking for all those things. And most of all I do NOT have money to get those things. This is more working like a "data" for me, to remember the nice sets/items I saw on the web, and try to get those when I can afford, for this I have to sell something, or maybe we could trade ? I'll update this each time I find something from the list

I am looking for some clothes for the truffle families : father and mother's vests + I'm also looking for the standing baby

even if missing the lounge chair and topiary, I can also do without the green and balls, but I need the caddy with all the putters,& the character (with clothes)

any colour is fine

dark mole family (I'm not putting much money in those are they are going to be released again)

for my old oak tree, the topiaries, boat, and a fence that is the tiny opening gate at the inner lowest part

the saddle

the cart, with all the 3 wheels, I don't care for the flowers inside & the yellow fabric cover, but I want the rest to be fine (structure, etc)

just the hat

just the apron

any horse, poney, any saddle

I must be the last person on earth to NOT have this family... LOL

babies seadogs, I have the rest of the family

I love the oven. If someone ever see something like this, please let me know. I'll try to make a fimo one, but I bet it's going to be pretty hard. And this one is Japan exclusive, so no way to get it (really over the limits with the price, like most of the items on this list LOL)

I have a carport but miss most of the railing. If you have some spare ones (at least a set of 2 brown ones) I'm interested (please, remember as I said at the top of this post : no money, so I have so sell something before getting something new, it may take time)

I have only 2 babies from the band serie, none of the other sets, but I'm mostly interested by those I circled

only those 2. I have 2, maybe the 3rd is coming, and the others I don't care much for them

New family.... maybe families ! (Sylvanian)

You maybe guessed it, I got one of the families I really like...  the alpacas ! I'm just a little bit sad they no more offer 2 ki...