mardi 16 octobre 2018

New sets - Sylvanian

3 new sets came (or are coming my way) for my village.
I didn't publish those past days because I've been too ill to work on my village, or do anything else...
But it sounds like my health is improving just a little bit, enough for I start working again on my halloween corner, even if I still miss paint and/or papers (sounds silly but I can't find a single pretty paper on halloween theme this year !), and for the paint I'll have to wait until François can drive me to town...
BUT for now let's speak about the 3 new sets (and a different one)
I got from the "Bon Coin" this cute little kitchen. I didn't plan to get it, but it was sold with the other set I got, the price was really good, so... why not ? I don't have much furniture, any is appreciated !

I also bought this cuuuuuuute thing. It's not Sylvanian, it's Playmobil, it's a barrel organ, playing 3 melodies... I love it ! It's going to be really nice in my future tiny winter corner !

this one is coming to me. I didn't plan to buy this family, as long as I just got the other one (with the mayor) but I LOVE duckies, and their price was so low I couldn't resist !
*happy dancing*

and finally the butler set, this is the one I first spotted on the "Bon coin", it was sold with the little kitchen, and both sets are brand new. It's going to be a nice addition to my courtyard restaurant !
This set is including a bunch of items, it's really a "must have"
Now let's rest a little bit more, and I'll be back very soon with many pics of my village :-)

vendredi 12 octobre 2018

Sweet tooth (Sylvanian)

This one is just to show you some of the miniatures I got for my village (still under construction...)

I got some from Ebay and quite a lot from MarikoCrafts. If you have a sweet tooth too....enjoy ! (all pictures are clickable for a better view)

eggs and croissant by Mariko

popsicle icecream by Mariko

tiny bears, tiny oreos and tart by Mariko

so are the chocolate bars

my little piggy holding a chocolate bar *so cute*

croissant, pain au chocolat, and tart by Mariko

this is the brand new set I got, the chocolate lounge. I was feeling so bad with my last haemorrhage that I wanted to comfort me with a little gift. When François offered to drive me to the brand new mall they created 30mn from home I jumped in the car, hoping to be able to manage the travel. I did, but was feeling really miserable. As there is a new King Jouet shop I gave it a try. Alas everything is even more expensive than at the other one, so no interest at all but I really wanted to get myself something. This was the only thing I could afford, 30% more expensive than on Amazon (but I can't buy on this website...tssss)... Ok, nevermind, I had something to cheer me up a little bit !

big cake by Mariko and maybe the "eclairs" as well ? can't remember

flan by Mariko

this is the japanese set I got that is definitively a "must have", you can see a cake by Mariko, the little rolls I can't remember where I got those....

now we are visiting the seaside restaurant, where the kids got fried eggs and french fries (WHO  named those "french"... they are not french, they are from Belgium huh !!) by Mariko, as well as the half eggs 

next to the seaside restaurant, there is my ice cream heaven 
ice cup in the front + scoops of ice cream by Mariko 

Magnum type cone by Mariko

sounds yummy, looks like father hedgehog is smiling isn't it ?

the baby prefered a smaller ice cone, with chantilly....ahhhhhh chantillyyyyyyy

mardi 9 octobre 2018

Trying to find space....

bought a 10€ metal shelf, too large, not tall enough...
but ok with my tiny budget. Let's be creative : I piled it up on the box with all the fast food posters to sell (ex husband collection). Perfect !

I'll find later a way to hide this ugly bottom

finally can't move and turn on the side the 2 smaller shelves...
But I had another idea (for next spring, I'm exhausted right now) :
I'm going to cut it all, and recycle what I can to make a larger shelf (like the one with the dolls)
I still need to measure and think about it a lot. But it's going to match my needs !

Bought a cheap wallpaper... I'm planning to use is as a sky background for a shelf (or 2 ??) of my sylvanian village
More pictures soon, stay tuned ! ;-)

dimanche 30 septembre 2018

Tiny haul (Action, Noz, Ebay) + news for my village

Hello ! 

I've decided to publish some news and pictures, mostly on my "private life" blog, but here as well. 

After selling another Pullip doll, I'm ready to let 2 others go (a Pullip and a Dal), as well as a couple of BJD. And a bunch of other things too... 

With the money I got myself a private bank account (finally managed it ! woohoo) not linked to my ex-husband one 

For those who live in a foreign country, I have to explain a couple of things for you see how mad my  country is....For exemple, if you are a woman who was ill and not working on your own (but doing much for charities), with a family account at YOUR name + your husband name, a woman who don't want to depend on social help and work it out alone with courage, when you husband leaves and let you alone with nothing but your eyes to cry the administration is punishing you all the way they can, like : you can't open a personal bank account. Yes... sounds silly ? Listen, it's more than this : you can't open a bank account if you can't prove your incomes, and you can't get incomes if you don't already have a bank account... Most of the time the French are bragging about our marrrrvelous country. This is making me sick. I asked for help at the social worker, who told me to deal with it. HUH. It's a pure luck that I found out there is only 1 solution, nobody mentioned it to me be it the lawyer, the social workers, etc... It's a SHAME ! Well, now that I have a solution to most of my technical surviving problems (I don't have money but I have a bank account LOL !), I can relax a litte bit. Not much because I've been even more ill, and I actually suffer silly. So, after paying for the account (much expensive than a simple one), I also paid for some wood coat, painkillers, and other supplies. Then I used the leftover to have some fun. I really need to have fun, no matter how...

First I ordered a very cheap die for my BigShot machine, I got it from ebay, we are talking about a 2€ thing. Here it is. You cut paper "leaves" and then can use them on a card, or build a tiny tree. Isn't it cute ?! It's SO cheap that I thought I can give it a try. Scrapbooking supplies are awfully expensive here, and you hardly find things (in my area, there is no craft store left, all closed except a Cultura, which is expensive and doesn't have a great choice)
isn't it cute ?!
I hope the postal services will not loose it... with my luck it's more than possible...

Then on ebay I got an hot air balloon for Sylvanian babies. I saw one a couple of times, and when I finally had the money it was sold. I wanted one with low shipping cost, and this one is matching my tiny budget ! As long as it didn't change the shipping cost, I added another little thing, a post box. I tried to add another thing, but then the shipping started to increase so ... no way.

I can't afford the baby windmill or primrose park, at least I'll have a balloon !

Then I had the chance to go to Noz and Action, 2 discounters (the shops are almost side by side, clever !), François was going there, so I could join him for the travel, and see if there is something new or interesting I can afford. 

Action :
I got another box of those cute resin pumpkins, they are so cheap it doesn't worth the time making them with polymere clay ! 

I was also SO happy to find 3 Christmas stalls kits. I could get 2 last year, and had no money to get more. There were 3 left only, so I got the 3 (less than 2€ each ! It doesn't pay the MDF !). Cheap, and really clever DIY kits

Now that I have 5, I'm planning to use one as a "beach shop" for my Sylvanian beach (I don't know yet what it's going to offer but I'll find out, someday... 
maybe it's going to offer shells, postcards, beach toys, flip flops, etc)
Another one is going to be a newspaper booth, one will go to the halloween tiny scenery, and the 2 last ones will be for my tiny Christmas corner. If I ever find cheap things for this. I have all the scenery (not Sylvanian) but no characters to go there :-(

Ok, then from Noz :
I already told you about a cute tiny kit I found when I could go to Lure, I found some more at the "local" Noz (still 30mn from home by car)
So I got those 2 cute ones

this one is the same I already got, just missing the box (I don't care)

and I bought a bag of "this and that"... I didn't know what was inside, but I decided to try my luck on it. Finally it had 2 kits inside (yeepeeeee). I don't know if those are complete or no, no decorating at all, but I can build the 2 "houses" so it's great ! They are bigger than the one I got boxed (on the left is the one I got in its box). I don't know what I'm going to do with those, but it's really cute, I'm sure I can use them to frame a tiny cross-stitched piece or use scrapbooking supplies, etc

I also got this bag of flowers and greenery, all the leaves are separated, so I think it can be nice to make a bunch of flower pots for my sylvanian town !

about this particular tiny kit, I first planned to use it the same way but I now believe that painted it could make a cute Sylvanian cupboard or shop display ! 

This week I'm going to town, so I'll probably try to get my hands on a BIG piece of cardboard or wood to make the surface for my sylvanian beach corner. I really wanted to have it in one piece to see no separating, but if it's too expensive or complicate to bring it home, I'll get 2 smaller ones... I tried several things for my water... I haven't find yet THE solution, but at least I know what is not working LOL

mercredi 19 septembre 2018

A bunch of this and that for my Sylvanian town :-)

First of all, I want to apologize, those last weeks have been so hard to deal with, I didn't spend much time on the web, to visit blogs and websites, but I'll be back soon to you. I had too many troubles with my house, my health, a bank problem, etc... I tried to face it all with courage, but somedays it's just too much :-(

Now let's go back to the "nice" part of life : Sylvanian Families
I didn't receive those yet, but they are on their way to my village.

First, I bought a 2nd hand set of sheep. I wanted the sheep family, but it was way too expensive for me. Not only the price of some families is crazy, but the shipping cost is awful, as most of the sellers go through the Ebay Global Shipping program. Fhhhhhhhh....After looking all over the world, I finally found one 100km from home, and the seller was nice enough to send them by the Post.
They are not "perfect" but I don't care much (I'm not the picky kind of "collector").... They'll need a bath, whenever I have time for this...

Then I also wanted BADLY the father (or grand-father) of the old moss reindeer family. Alas, again, prices are just silly.... I don't care much for their outfits, and the other members of the family are nice... but not as "special" as the father... I ended getting a cheap set, with the father, and 3 characters that are not in really good shape. Who cares ? Not me. I have my deer, and it's perfect to me. Maybe, later, I'll find some clothes for the others (who are they ? I believe they are all kids ???) - one of them is really used, he suffered quite a lot, the flocking is light.. poor little one, now I'm going to give him a funny life :-) 

and maybe then try to find the mother as well if she is the one missing... Oh well, I already miss the pig father, the squirrel mother (maybe they left together ? heehee), and a bunch of other characters, my village can host some other "single" parents or orphan children LOL. I bet I am the last person on this planet to NOT have the chocolate rabbit family - I only have Freya ... I feel like a rebel LOL

I also bought those mice on ebay, just because the price was low. I always wanted to find a family for my photograph, so here we go ! I don't know exactly who is who, but I can see the photograph (Cecil Maces) is there, maybe I'll simple get his outfit off, and transform it to create another character. Or trade it for another one... let's see ! Maybe someday I'll find a sister, to complete the family ! But until then, I need to identify the 2 "mothers" to see which one is "the" one. Maybe the extra Cecil + extra mother will become grandparents !

At the same time, I saw a Truffle family for sale. It's not in perfect shape, the mother has a spot on her head & miss her vest, and the father is missing a part of his outfit too (I don't care much, really !). It was not "that" high in price. I placed a bid, and totally forgot about it. When I got an invoice, I was a bit scared, I really didn't remember my bid LOL
So, an unexpected family is flying home


Finally I got a set of "this and that". Just because. Why not ?
 I plan to have the hedgehog join my pizzeria team, put the pretty sign in front of their future pizzeria (if I ever get a suitable building for this), and the other things will be a nice addition to my beach scenery ! It's cheap, it's cute, and I had the money (I sold a Pullip doll, yeepee)