dimanche 17 mars 2019

March cross stitch finishing session

Not much done, but the month is not finished yet so....maybe there will be more coming !

(again, sorry for the "spot" on the picture, my camera is dead)
freebie, can't remember the designer, maybe kreinik

used to have it finished by a "professional" (or so called) finisher... It was so badly done that I destroyed the wole thing, save the stitched part (with half an inch only all around, ouch) and finished it by myself - it's matching my taste this time !
Kit by heart in hand

"petit patapon" by Tiens Donc

jeudi 14 mars 2019

Some news, and a big warning

Nothing really new to tell I'm afraid. I did really few, I've been awfully ill, had to struggle with a whole bunch of problems... but more or less I survived (less than more). I've spent some time cooking, like those "bugnes" (traditional recipe from my hometown)


I was about to buy a dollhouse (Ikea Flisat type) but I finally changed my mind, it's still 25€, and I don't have that money. So.... I suddenly remembered a shelf I no more use, and decided it can be good enough for my project. It's just a "displaying test", very far from what I had in mind... but it's not "that" bad.

I think there are some toys that still don't sell that I'll simply destroy, just like I did with craft supplies. I can't live in this mess anymore, I can't spend days making ads, answering people who never answer back, and to get absolutely no money in the end. 

I totally gave up on building back my Sylvanian seaside corner. Too much job, too many troubles to find supplies... and I need space for my animal sheltering. I have so many things here and there, that I need to sell... It's taking all my space already... Well, maybe in a far future I'll think about it again, if I live longer enough...

I celebrated my birthday, I mean I did NOT celebrate it, I was totally out of any interest for it.... I didn't put candles on my cake, and did not care to make one. François bought it, if he didn't I wouldn't have bother getting one. I decided I no more "have to" celebrate something if I don't want. Instead, I've spent the day planting seeds in my raised garden beds, François found 2 others discounted (broken top) so I have now a total of 4, and it's GREAT. They are settled on the lower balcony, it means I can enjoy those even if I don't have the force to reach the garden.

I've also spent time reading, petting all the animals, and looking at some old mags I found in the attic. They finally all ended in the trash can, but it was fun ! I did nothing else really interesting, because of my health, and the weather was a nightmare, terrible winds, rain, snow, hail storm... If things are less messy, maybe I'll try to go with François, he is going to town (the bigger one) soon for a book sale (kind of charity thing). There's another one  next week-end, and the next one too. Not that I need any book, I have no space and no money for those, but I still enjoy looking at what is offered. In fact, I most of all have in mind to ask him to drop me at the DIY store. I need some concrete, some rails, and other funny things. I sold only a game this past month, so I will have to find what can fit this tiny amount...

Then, as I said at the beginning, I wanted to warn those who are buying from Vinted. The more there are people selling there, the more there are bad sellers. And of course I ended meeting some. I already had to argue with one, who sold me boots that were supposed to be "like new" but were totally destroyed. I had ALL the troubles in the world to send those back, and get my money back as well. It was a bad for good experience as I ended finding another seller, selling the exact same, brand new, for half of the price (8€ !). But this time it's a Sylvanian (and other toys) seller that I have to tell about. I'm sorry, but I've been more than kind for too long, now ALL the seller names are going to be listed. I'll let the nastiest feedback when deserved. The "too good-too stupid" me is gone. François bought for me a Sylvanian shop from her, he wanted to give me another birthday gift (he knew nobody else would send even a SMS). The price was SO good. I told him it's impossible, too low. But he gave it a try. And of course the girl cancelled the bought, saying she sold it in the morning but couldn't remove the ad (really ? take me for a fool ! it's simple as can be !). JUST she realized the price was too low and someone offered more. IF she had only be honest about it, I "could" have accept it. But if she believes she can lie and act unfairly at the same time, and not even feel ashamed about it (with people accepting it), she is dreaming.
Better : it's going to take 7 or 8 days before François gets his money back (????!!!) - where is the money as it's supposed to be taken back from the seller ? It's not a joke. I'm upset. Most of all because it's always making François very sad, I do not accept to see him suffer from anything. So, after thinking a lot about it : Vinted is over for me. Never again !

jeudi 21 février 2019

Sylvanian great deal

When I saw this item on ebay I thought it was a too much low price to be honest. Really. I do not joke, I paid 10.94€ for this... shipping cost was almost the double but even here sending something quite big costs a fortune, so...

I was really wondering what the problem was, and then I saw the feedback of the seller... Well... it wasn't good at all, several negatives but the last ones were ok...

I really had no clue about what to do, it was a great chance to get a cheap building, I was in need of a shop or 2 or 3...I was planning to give Sibil and daughter a good haberdashery/tailor boutique.... I also need a building for the pizzeria, I need a place for the tiny shoes booth... I first planned to get a couple of those old buildings I so much love, the tiny cottages, like the post office, flower shop, or hospital.... Do you see what I mean ? But the price of just 1 was over this building...

I waited anxiously until the end of the auction. No bid at all. I placed one, for the minimum price. And won it.

To be totally honest I didn't mention it on my blog because I wasn't sure I was going to get it. The seller didn't answer my message where I asked for the tracking number. She simply notified on ebay "sent" after more than a week. Several girls told me I'm stupid, I'm not getting it. Or maybe totally destroyed, sent in a trash bag just like many US sellers always do. I can start crying. It was too risky. Blahblahblah....

You know... I'm this kind of extremely boring person who always believe there is something good hiding inside everybody. Sometimes I dig for years before giving up, sometimes I just have to recognize someone is never going to amend, no matter how much love and effort you put to show this person the light... But I'm a believer. Desperate, awfully deceived one. AND I do believe someone deserves a 2nd chance. This girl had bad feedback but the most recent ones were nice. Maybe she is just trying to get back some respectability ? Maybe she is not communicating because she can't or is not able to, for any reason, she can be shy, she can be too busy, she can be autistic. I am partly. I know what it is like. Who am I to judge someone only basing me on feedback. That's why I placed my hopeless bid.

It was supposed to be delivered a couple of days ago.... Nothing. I was really annoyed by the idea of starting an ebay complain... so I decided to wait just a little bit more. The girls who joked at me were laughing loud. I thought ok, I'll fill a case on monday.

And the parcel came this morning. Perfectly wrapped in a ton of bubbles, strong box, lots of tape.
Ok, no communication, no little note inside but.... I GOT IT.
Now I know some girls who sent me nasty comments who must be very disappointed, regretting they didn't take the risk LOL

Here it is, in all his majesty. Ok, it's missing the porch, but as it's going to be displayed facing the wall it's not that important (it's pretty sad, I love the design of the front, but I need it to be turned to the wall, alas). And for less than 11€, honestly...All the windows and door are working. Maybe a bit yellowed ? I don't know, and for sure I don't care.

I just LOVE this building old look. Even if I like their "style", I still can't cop with the brand new ones, too "pinky/girly" too narrow, no accessories enough, too expensive. And in this one there is a lot of room inside (and on the roof !), it's square, not too deep, big but reasonably, just the perfect size for my shelf. I'm in love ! Now let's see who is going to settle there, I have no clue !...
I have so many homeless businesses at Bois Joli... :-)

*happy dancing*

mardi 19 février 2019

Cross stitch finishes

On my finishing marathon, here are the finishes for february
Not that bad !
I start to have some space, because it's making me use fabrics, threads (for the cording), fiber fill, etc... At some point I hope I can finish all those oldies, for I can sell all the left-overs !
And maybe stitch some of the projects that are waiting in a basket since...ahum... for "some" months ...years... decades sometimes ! LOL
For several of those ornaments, I decided they are not going to be hung on the wall, or on something, I'll surely display those in baskets, so I didn't bother making a hanger on most of them
It's so old that can't remember who was the designer of "boo"... if someone recognize it...

This was by SanMan designs, I so much miss this designer and the forum :-( and I'm so sad for her poor health condition...

Should be Bent Creek, one of my favorite designers, I've been in love with their style for yeaaaaaars. It was the 1rst real US designer I discovered. It was so long ago... I can't even remember when.
Maybe 20 years ? I have some of their very first charts that are not even listed on their website !

Heart in Hand for sure


I believe it was by Hillside Samplings, but it's soooo old I can't be sure. Did you notice the cute metal snowflakes in the corners ? They were part of the kit, I bought a kind of special package made by my dearest shop owner, she packed for me the chart + threads + fabric + those charms. It was clever ! When the shop closed (oh my, it's so far I don't even remember when it was, I was still in my native town !) my world was suddenly less bright. This shop owner was someone really kind and all her life was about sharing her knowledge. She was a great source of inspiration.
About the charms, they were from Mill Hill. It was quite hard to get those things, you had to order those. By Fax... LOL.. and it took months to get it, but now I don't know if they are still available somewhere in my country... 
Next month I hope to be able to finish at least 6. 
Stay tuned !

samedi 16 février 2019

Some news

As you may have see I'm not active anywhere at this time of the year, but my situation is turning from precariously bad to a catastrophe. I'm still finding no job, so I have to cut on a lot of things, even if I already made so many sacrifices yet, that I hardly see what I can cut on right now.
I'll need a lot of time to go through all the administrative nightmare, and to sell whatever I can (believe me, it's NOT a pleasure here to sell something), and to top this I have a bunch of work to do, in order to save what I can save of this house. As the sun is back, even if it's still very cold, I'm starting to work a lot. My health is not helping, I mostly feel out of any energy and full of pain all the time, night included. I've been cleaning much my toy room, got rid of the sylvanian seaside corner to make some space for the sales... I'll see later if I can build it back somewhere else...

Well, as you can imagine : you are not going to see much posted here, and you'll hardly see me on forums and such.
You can still have some news from my personal blog tho.

I'll try to post updates regarding my cross stitch finishing marathon, but I'm not entering any other challenge this year.
About Sylvanian I have no space left & absolutely no money, so not much is going to come to complete my village now. If I ever find some courage I'll keep on working on what I already have. I hope I can get the new Alpaca family, maybe the sea otters and mice if I can find a little bit of cash, but I doubt I can buy even only this, unless I find someone to get the Kinder Surprise and Mc Donald's happy meal collection of my ex husband...

I promise to do my best to give news from time to time, but if you want some regular ones, please look at my regular blog.

Sending hugs to you all

samedi 2 février 2019

Sylvanian concertists

I LOVE the cello ! The accessories are really nice and I love the way the hands are made, to hold the instrument

my deception comes from the violin player, her dress is just awful, it looks like a 70's folkloric cheap doll... ouch... but the violin is great, the box is too, very nice set !

jeudi 31 janvier 2019

Finished ceiling rehab

Pics are better than long explanations, so I'll keep them basic
I've been putting wood rods into the holes, and used a kind of adhesive mortar

then used a little bit of broken plaques of styrofoam to make it at the same level as the rest of the ceiling

finally covered everything with the plaques

ok, it's not "nice" at all, but it's SO much better than it was and the best : over the night, I gained 6°Celsius ! 
I'm so happy to see it done in such a short time !
It looks so much clean than before
Now you would think I stopped there
I am "me" so I decided to start moving things around 
huge mess of everything, like things to sell, empty boxes of my BJDs, etc

This being done, I moved the big cupboard/shelves, to prepare them for the cutting part

as I can't explain well, I'll show with pictures : before the larger one was near the heating thing, I've been permuting this big one with the 2 smallers
I don't like the smaller ones, because they are deep but not large enough to put something that would be nicely displayed in. I'm asking François to destroy those 2 smaller ones, and use the parts to create one that should look a little bit like the larger one (1rst on the left on the pic will stay, the 2 smaller after will be destroyed, and the last very small metal one will be used elsewhere in the house. It should look like this (sorry for the awful drawing LOL)

this way I'll have space at the bottom for things actually on sale, next one for the 2 dollhouses I'm trying to repair, the 2 next ones will be for sylvanian things (that's where my seaside corner will be), and the top part  the  at the top should be perfect for things displayed, light in weight, be it craft things I made or maybe some dolls or ...who knows...
I don't know when we'll find courage, time, energy to do this, but at least the big one is settled at its definitive place, so it's gonna be easier now to move/remove what we want
Hopefully I'll manage to work in the attic, to create some space for things to sell, and ex husband things. I believe the divorce procedure should start sometimes around september, it's going to be a long and hard fight, that I'll face alone as I have no family or close friends. I know then I'll end with absolutely nothing, just I hope I can keep the house. For the rest I don't care. It means I'm searching even more a job, what is almost impossible to find here, mostly without a car, so I guess you are not going to hear me as much as before after the end of spring. That's also why I am working so hardly now, to keep my mind occupied, and low my stress